Tired of digging out from underneath the snow?
Graywell Equipment is one of the Tri-State area’s largest distributors of Meyers snow removal equipment.
Graywell stocks and installs the complete line of plows and spreaders is all different sizes to accommodate all vehicles.

You’ll get ATTACHED to it IN SECONDS.
Pull up and plow away in as little as 11 seconds with the Meyer® EZ-Mount® Xpress System™—the fastest, easiest mounting system ever!

The entire package is designed from the bumper forward to optimize snowplowing performance. The complete Xpress Plow System includes the innovative EZ- Mount Xpress, choice of the Electro-Lift E-88 or E-78 hydraulic system, the high-performance Aggressor Plow and the state-of-the-art, programmable XP Control System. A plowing system this innovative and easy-to-maintain could only come from the Hottest Name in Snow and Ice.

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The EZ-Mount Plus is designed with the operator in mind. The unit quickly detaches in seconds by releasing two spring loaded easy-grip pins. The unique design of the EZ-Mount Plus also allows the operator to dismount only the moldboard during in-field emergencies for convenience and safety. The EZ-Mount Plus also includes a heavy-duty hydraulic jack to easily adjust the height of the system on any terrain.

Meyer Products Inc. understands that truck owners care about the “look” of their trucks. The EZ-Mount Plus takes low profile to a new level! The EZ-Mount Plus features a low profile mount delivering one of the highest ground clearance plows on the market. The unique under the vehicle mounting is specifically designed to be part of the truck frame virtually hidden from view. The EZ-Mount Plus is perfect for the discerning truck owner looking for high performance, durability and ease of operation.

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The original EZ-Mount® Classic continues to be a long-time favorite. It gives you the flexibility to remove the moldboard, leaving the lights and mount on the truck, providing rugged looks to your truck and making it easier to maintain and service. Plus, it delivers all the requirements for the professional plower and all the convenience for the personal user.

The hardened steel tubular design is easy to handle and convenient to mount and dismount. The EZ-Mount Classic is designed to maximize weight distribution and to provide a customized look on any vehicle. Quick-disconnect hydraulic couplers make performing general maintenance, servicing or changing hydraulic oil easier.

The EZ-Mount Classic provides more choices at the end of the season. It offers the flexibility to remove just the moldboard or the entire assembly at your convenience. You can simply remove the moldboard for easy storage, while leaving the mount, lift and lights on your truck. Or, you can remove and store the entire assembly.

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Insert Hopper Spreaders-1.8 and 2.0
The 7' (1.8 yard) and 8' (2.0 yard) capacity V-box spreaders for medium duty, heavy duty, and one ton trucks mount and store as a single unit. These mechanically operated spreaders are powered by an electric start 10.5 H.P. gas engine, which drives a 20:1 ratio gear box by a 41 roller chain. The poly spinner will evenly spread material from four (4) to thirty (30) feet. With a wide variety of options, the Insert Hopper Series meets a wide range of specifications. In-cab controls make operation easy. Stainless steel hopper also available.

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• Thermoplastic - no steel frame
• Cover: 10" round opening, 3/4 turn easy access threads securely in place. Top is completely removable for easy maintenance access to reservoir (fastened to hopper)
Attaching Strap (Standard)
• Nylon Strap & Ratchet clamps spreader to tailgate face
• Locator Stud provides connection to bumper through the existing ball hitch hole. No drilling required.
• 1/6 Horsepower • 12 volts D.C.
• 14" diameter polyethylene spinner. Built-in flow control auger and agitator bolted to polyethylene spinner plate
• Speed control; variable in-cab with 25 ampere circuit breaker
• Spinner Band is black fade-resistant high-density polyethylene
• Motor Cover is thermoplastic - protects motor from the elements
• Vibrator for use with sand and damp materials

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The Meyer Hot Shot is offered in two models; the Hot Shot and the Hot Shot HD. Both model’s low center of gravity, wide stance, and pneumatic wheels make them easy to push and maneuver in snow and slush. The spreaders also cuts work time in half over smaller consumer oriented unit by boasting an effective spread pattern of 12 feet.

The Meyer Hot Shot HD offers maximum protection against the elements. Featuring a stainless steel framing system and rust proof polypropylene components, the Meyer Hot Shot HD is the most rust and weather resistant push spreader on the market. These materials are also strong and impact resistant even in the coldest temperatures.

Included as standard equipment with both units are features normally offered as expensive options with other brands. A fitted hopper cover keeps the spreader material dry and contained during use and transportation. In addition, a stainless steel side baffle allows you to cut off the flow of material on the right side of the unit for precise placement along sidewalks and driveways.

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