The PALFINGER PALIFT product was developed in Europe during the early 70’s and has found uses in the following applications and industries:
• Solid and liquid waste removal
• Demolition • Rental Fleets
• Scrap metal and recycling
• Landscaping • Agricultural
• Municipal • Fire Brigade
• Military

The main reason why the hooklift has found such broad appeals is that the system allows an unparalleled degree of VERSATILITY and EFFICIENCY

• More containers can be handled in a shorter amount of time.
• With a variety of container styles one truck can do the work of several
The PALIFT HOOKLIFT – How does it work?
The key word is “simple”. The operator backs the truck toward the container. With the in-cab controls, the operator switches on the power take-off, lowers the hydraulic arm and engages the container with the hook. He then activates the two main cylinders that pull the container onto the chassis and lock it into position. The operator then turns off the power take-off and drives away.
It takes less than one minute from the time the operator shifted the truck into reverse. The PALIFT’s major purpose is to help our customers pick-up, drop-off, transport, unload or dump containers – safer and faster – and that means larger profits.
One of the main features is the driver never leaves the cab – this increases productivity and safety.

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